Penang Chinese New Year Celebration at Heritage Area, Armenian Street, Penang.

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Penang Chief Minister, YAB Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon (holding a cup) attended the celebration, tried and tasted our Salute Brand Coffee beverage and gave high remarks on our products. Penang Chief Minister, YAB Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon (left) together with the Chairman of Tourism Development and Environment, YB Mr.Teng Chang Yeow (Right) posed for a photo with our staff.
槟州首席部长丹斯里许子根博士品尝本公司参展的海军牌咖饮品后,大赞海军牌咖啡味道香农,美味可口。 槟州首席部长丹斯里许子根博士(左二)与槟州旅游及环境促进委员会主席邓章耀州行政议员与本公司职员在展销摊格前合影。
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The Chairman of Public Works, Utilities and Transportation, YB Dato' Koay Kar Huah (left) visited our store and tried our famous Salute Brand 2-in-1 Kopi 'O' (Black Coffee). President of Penang Hainan Association, Madam Lim Chiew Ya together with her Deputy, Dr.Yong Suan presented a commemorative flag to our representative during the event.
槟州公共工程,设施及交通委员会主席拿督郭家骅州行政议员临展销摊格,品尝一下名闻遐迩的海军牌2合1咖啡 乌。 槟城海南会馆主席林秋雅女士(右四)赠送 “发扬海南精神“ 锦旗给本公司。左二为海南会馆署理主席杨泉博士。
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The God of Wealth arrived at our store and joined our staff to celebrate this auspicious occasion. The 8 Gods of Prosperity and Wealth, holding our products while conveying their sincere and valuable blessings on our Salute Brand Coffee and Tea products.
财神爷也慕名而来到海军牌展销摊格,与本公司同人参与新春团拜。 中国古代传说的八仙也过海而来,除向本公司同人恭祝新年快乐外,还棒起海军牌咖啡,连声称赞本公司的 产品一流。


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Even the member of the celebration committee did not forget to come by our store and select his favourite choice of beverages. Our staff offered free cups of hot beverages to the visitors at our store.
新春庙会大团拜筹委会委员光临本公司展销摊格,购买海军牌产品。 本公司职员为顾客献上一杯热腾腾的海军牌饮品。
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Customers showing great interest on our products and busy selecting their favourite beverages. Overcrowded customers caused massive jam ay our store during the occasion.
顾客络绎不绝来到展销摊格购买海军牌各系列饮品。 海军牌咖啡展销摊格前,顾客如云,挤得水泄不通。